What happended to Wood

It’s no secret; wood is not what is used to be. Notice the growth rings in the two different boards above. One board is from 2018 and the other is from 1918. People ask each day, why is my wood porch failing so quickly? Why did my grandparent’s porch last 80 years and I can’t get my porch to last 5 years? Why do the wood boards seem to split and swell near the edges? Find the answer here…

DuraTech Capping Technology

This revolutionary acrylic based cap is color matched with the core, making the cap virtually invisible. The DuraTech® cap’s surface rivals all available exterior flooring options in both hardness and slip resistance. In addition, the color retention is second to none and is backed by Aeratis’ Limited Lifetime warranty.

Paint Rebate Program

FREE PAINT with your purchase of Aeratis Traditions Products. We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. When you buy the Aeratis Traditions products you will have the superior performance of a synthetic product at the price of wood. Download your Traditions Rebate Form, Review Recommended Paints and Stains and review Painting instructions.

Aeratis Stands Strong to Low-E Glass

Across the country, many homeowners are turning to synthetics to take the place of wood porches and decks. The vast majority of these exterior living spaces are directly adjacent to the house. More often than not, the exterior walls near and around the porches and decks have windows and doors..

The Only Porch Floor GUARANTEED to Never Buckle, Cup, or Warp

Thanks to a proprietary manufacturing process and formulation, Aeratis is the only manufactured product that guarantees the product will not expand and contract. This means, your porch will never buckle, cup or warp. This allows you to enjoy the finished look …

Traditions Twenty-Four: The Only 24” OC Ceiling Product on the Market

As of January 2015, all manufactures of cellular PVC beaded ceiling products changed their installation instructions to require the framing to be set to 12” on center. This change was necessary to help eliminate the sagging and buckling of their ceiling products; however, the extra framing costs comes out of the homeowner’s pocket. Get a quote and see what the difference in cost is between 12” OC and 24”...

Aeratis Is the Only Synthetic That Offers a Waterproof Solution

Next to the many calls we receive about how poorly wood preforms, the greatest volume of calls we take center around waterproofing a porch. Typically, wood performs much worse when someone tries it in a waterproof application. Why has waterproofing exterior living spaces become so important in the last few years? The answer is simple; by waterproofing an exterior living space, you are able to maximize or utilize more space in and around your home. If you have a second story balcony or exterior living space under a porch and you waterproof it, the underside becomes more usable. If you have a basement or dry storage underneath, waterproofing is essential. Waterproofing is also critical for designs with an exterior living space inset or above a living space. Whether you are building or renovating a single-family home, or a multi-family complex, Aeratis is the only manufacture that will warranty their product in a waterproof application. All other synthetic/composite manufacturers state in their installation guide that their product is not for waterproofing. Why is this? Why do all other manufactures steer away from offering this solution? The answer is very simple: ventilation. Most other manufacturers require even airflow above and below their products. A waterproof installation does not allow a product to have even airflow. If you are looking to create a waterproof area, then you have come to the right place because Aeratis is the only exterior product that will perform in a waterproof...

Never Replace Your Porch Again When You Use Aeratis Instead of Wood

Today, even the best treated wood buckles, cups and warps in the unit it comes packaged in, or before you can get the final coat of paint on it. If you can install Aeratis Traditions at a competitive price to pine and fir, why would anyone ever use wood again for their porch floor?

Convert Your Deck to a Porch

Extend it’s use by 3 months.

1. Semi-climate controlled
2. Keep the bugs away
3. Becomes a usable living space, not just a platform for the grille
4. Enhance the value of your home

Not Just WUI Approved but the ONLY CLASS A Fire-Rated Option

Whether it is living on the edge of the wilderness or grilling on the roof in Manhattan, Aeratis Classic was engineered to help you improve the quality of your life while helping to provide the assurance that you and your family have the most flame resistant exterior living space offered.

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Aeratis

Review the top 10 reasons why architects, builders, homeowners and historians are selecting Aeratis over T&G wood, deck boards, concrete, other synthetics and composites.

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