Aeratis is designed and engineered to be the perfect product for both new construction, restoration and remodeling. New homebuyers and remodelers want to reduce their maintenance, while individuals looking to restore an 1800 Victorian want to paint the porch to the same color it was the day it was built. Aeratis can take care of both installations. Aeratis Classic and Heritage comes in 3 colors and 3 standard lengths. Aeratis Traditions does not have color pigmentation and is paint ready. The entire line of Aeratis products was engineered to achieve a 5-A paint adhesion rating if the recommended paints and steps are followed.  With a 5-A paint adhesion you will literally have to wear the paint off the surface.

So, whether you are installing on a new home or a 200-year-old home, Aeratis is the only product on the market to provide the versatility you need to get both jobs done.