For years wild-fires have been destroying property and taking lives throughout the western states. The major occurrences happen where urban areas meeting wilderness areas. These areas are known as wild-land urban interface areas or WUI for short. California and the surrounding states have been working with manufactures for years to come up with building materials that are more flame resistant or flame retardant. They felt by putting a focus on better products for these areas would help save lives and protect property from complete devastation.

Aeratis understands the important of protecting property and saving lives by providing the most flame resistant product for exterior living space. Today, Aeratis Classic is the only Class “A” fire rated product offered for exterior living space. Class “A” does not mean that it is fire proof. What this means is, in the case of a fire, Aeratis will stay structurally sound longer, will slow down the spread of flame or will help extinguish the fire to give you and your loved one the valuable time needed to get clear from the burning structure or allow the fire department to arrive.

Some areas like roof-tops in urban areas make it much harder to get clear a burning structure. These projects that require a non-combustible application, Aeratis can be used in conjunction with a fiber cement substrate and a water-proofing underlayment to not only make the structure water-proof but exceed the “non-combustible” requirements for rooftop and multi-family projects.

By using Aeratis Classic to meet the challenges of wild-fires or just day to day living in urban areas you don’t have to change how you live or the things you enjoy. Whether it is living on the edge of the wilderness or grilling on the roof in Manhattan, Aeratis Classic was engineered to help you improve the quality of your life while helping to provide the assurance that you, your family and your neighbors have the most flame resistant exterior living space offered today.