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Please fill out the form below to receive free samples of any Aeratis product. Aeratis is engineered to have the appearance of wood and feel just like wood. Aeratis will have slight variations in color, embossing and grain.

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  • This is the overall length of your porch. If it is a wrap around porch, measure the total length. If the front of your project is 27 feet wide and the porch covers the full width of your porch, the porch lenght would be 27 feet.
  • This describes the depth of the porch. Depth is defined as the measurement from your steps to your front door.
    Please select the samples you would like to receive. Please make a special note: Aeratis Classic is typically used on projects that require a Class "A" fire rating. These projects are usually commercial properties or located in WUI areas. Also, REDWOOD has been discontinued.
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