bg2One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have with T&G products is thermal expansion and contraction. Thermal heat transference, UV, and moisture are some of the biggest challenges to exterior building materials. Due to the low-density nature of today’s wood, it has no place in a porch application. Many manufactures of PPE and PPP products have failed in T&G porch applications because of extreme movement caused by temperature. Even the higher priced cellular PVC products have great limitations on installation and warnings about thermal expansion and contraction.

Thanks to a proprietary manufacturing process and formulation, Aeratis is the only manufactured product that guarantees the product will not expand and contract.

Thermal expansion and contraction are defined as, “continuous movement of the product based on adverse effects of temperature change on the aesthetics and structural stability of the application”. No other manufacturer offers this guarantee.

Think about it for just a moment, if the only hesitation you have with using a T&G product on your porch or deck is the potential for it to buckle or cup, then the choice seems clear. Aeratis is the only manufacturer of wood or non-wood T&G flooring that will guarantee you will never see a buckle or cup on your porch again.